WITTENSTEIN cyber motor – Your partner for the world’s highest power density servomotors

cyber dynamic line
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dynamic – high torque – efficient

cyber dynamic line servomotors are the smart selection for your application.  Equipped with absolute feedback in a stainless steel ...

cyber torque motors
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high torque – compact – long life

cyber torque motors are high-torque AC synchronous servomotors in sizes up to 800mm in diameter. The compact, installation-ready design can be embed...

cyber kit motors
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flexible - application specific - powerful

cyber kit motors offer the ultimate in performance flexibility in a compact size. Stator and rotor kits give the design engineer the ...

cyber power motors
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powerful – efficient – easily maintained

cyber power motors are custom designed brushless AC servomotors, characterized by their outstanding  power to weight/size ratio and  an effic...

cyber force motors
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reliable – compact – precise

cyber force motors integrate the ball/planetary screw directly into the motor for a uniquely compact package  with flexible mounting.  The resulting line...

cyber linear motors
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dynamic – wearfree – precise

cyber linear motors operate through a direct force producing principle to provide the ultimate linear dynamic performance, reliability and ac...

cyber special motors
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custom engineered – application specific

cyber special motors are custom-designed for use in the world's most extreme environments including highest temperature extremes, ultra-high ...